Monday, December 31, 2012

Favorite Photos and Moments of 2012

Ben earned his brown belt in karate! 

Family Gathering at Navarre Beach

Luci and Ben planted a Spring Garden with Maw Maw

Not the best photo, but the moment was memorable! Gavin cut off his long blonde hair!

I enjoyed a 7-course meal at Ciao Bella

Birdwatching in our yard

We and 2 other couples were treated to a wonderful meal hosted by our kids. 

Father and son on our Summer camping trip to Gulf Shores

Lakeshore's first fireworks display on Independence Day

Gavin plays guitar at Neshoba

My sweet Suzy sleeping on Daddy's pillow

Keeping track of rainfall during Hurricane Isaac

A Spa Party for a special 8 year old

Wellsfest 2012

Gavin and his dad built a homemade guitar

Being silly in the car on our way to our fall camping trip

Sweet hugs

Surprising Grammy for a birthday celebration

Groundbreaking ceremony for Lakeshore's new Youth Building

Fairy Friends

When she wraps her head in a towel, she tells me "I'm growing up!"

Dressed up as a wise man for the Live Nativity at Lakeshore (some say I looked like Genghis Kahn!)

Gramps, Ben and Luci dancing to "Can't Touch This" at the Children's Museum

Ice Skating at Christmas on Ice in Madison, MS

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  1. It was a great year! Naturally, there are lots of photographs documenting all of it. 2013 is shaping up to be another banner year with lots of fun, camping, family gathering and celebrations on the calendar already!


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